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Lost Lorelei

Reversible Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Top in Dusty Blues Bamboo

$85.00 AUD

In the realm of our reversible collection, we invite you to transcend the conventional view of garments. 

Beyond the conventional boundaries of style, this top offers a flattering silhouette and a versatile design, effortlessly adapting to your mood and the rhythm of your surroundings.

Consider each piece not merely as an article of clothing but as a conduit for contemplation—a canvas to portray the duality within — an instrument for introspection.

We know that it's not just about what you wear; it's about the dialogue it sparks within.

- Handmade with Bamboo fabric (5% Stretch)
- Enjoy the same design in another color available
- Wear it your way with its reversible color ways

- Check out our Instagram for styling tips
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