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About Us

Lost Lorelei is a social enterprise at its core.
We believe that making for the now needs to have a positive impact on the future. Our mission is to put a spotlight on Filipino craftsmanship and we want to do this in a harmonious way. We love the process of enhancing the skills of our makers through unique designs, quality fabrics, and working hand in hand to build our own sustainable supply chains. We put our makers at the heart of what we do which is why our makers have the option to work from home giving them flexibility to their days. Unlike a lot of fashion start ups, we have grown our production from the ground up, starting with one dress maker working from home to 10! 
Our Design Philosophy
 We produce our collections in limited runs to meet demand and reduce excess. Seeking to contribute to environmental change and sustainability we opt for natural fabrics with zero synthetic content and where possible, opt for dead-stock.  Our high standards of quality, design and construction ensure our pieces are made to last and will be your essentials for seasons to come. 
Our Sustainability
All orders are sent out in mailer bags made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials. Not only do we send orders packaged sustainably, we do not accept stock that is wrapped in single use plastic. This is a huge step for us as a small business and we strive to continuously build upon our sustainably conscious practices. We don’t claim to be perfect, but promise to always be ever evolving. Stay tuned for updates and changes we are in the process of developing and implementing.
Lorelei (Founder) | Cristina (Operations Manager) | Leeleen (Production Manager) 

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