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Posted on April 16 2023

My name is Guhar bali based photographer, originally came from Medan, North Sumatera, a province in Indonesia. I am freelance photographer specialized in fashion and lifestyle photography. My passion is creating visual work as photography, video, and design. I often travel around beautiful Bali discovering new sceneries, people and nature. These things inspire me.

My favorite places to visit in Bali are Amed in the east coast and Uluwatu in a south of Bali. 
I love the east coast because there, behind every corner in the road, you’ll find a different scenery. I also like this place because of the blue, calm water. This part of bali has the most breathtaking views and sceneries with Mount Agung as the major centerpiece, despite being it also the ideal place for snorkeling and diving. It’s just the most photogenic area in Bali. I find this location is still kind of untouched and most authentic. The sunrise in the east is spectacular. 
Uluwatu with its rough coastline offers also spectacular views. However, this area is more touristy, because it’s closer to the tourist areas. You can spend time here to feel the breeze of the ocean from the cliffs. And if you’re going down to the beach, it is great to do sunbathing and there are many photogenic surfers around.

I love traveling and discovering. I was totally lost in a moment when I discovered the possibility of my new drone. It gave me a total new perspective of the beauty and cemetery of the Bali scenery. At the moment I am creating ways to integrate this drone perspective into my regular work.


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